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Creative Ad Agency Defined: How It Works?

Creative Ad Agency Defined: How It Works?

We will tackle about creative ad agency defined and how it all works. As we know, a creative ad agency employs a wide range of advertising strategies to create effective marketing campaigns that are suited to their client’s needs.

Although different companies obtain their advertising in different ways, a well-equipped creative ad agency should have departments that are in-charge of doing the market research, account management and sales, copywriting, web and graphic design.

In addition, they do work closely with the clients to gather the necessary information to help create and pitch their campaign ideas followed by the rundown of how to make and distribute these ads. Here’s how they usually work and how a creative ad agency defined their process

  • Pitching

The aim of most creative ad agencies is to establish an ongoing relationship with their clients. And they start their acquisition with a pitch.

Rather than cold-calling random businesses and owners, ad agencies usually begin with an inside-out approach by contacting the people they personally know within the industry they focus on.

They also monitor news for companies that are in need of advertising assistance especially a business that has gotten a sudden growth spurt and then email them a letter, portfolio of their work, and their plans they can offer you to further scale your business.

  • Presentation

When the potential client agrees to meet with a creative ad agency, they will prepare a presentation of what they have to offer the client. 


The presentation will of course be backed by their own research. The agency will probably bring up case studies they’ve found on which types of advertising has worked in the past. They may also provide logos, brochures, direct mail, websites, ad banners or billboards that they designed for their past clients as a mock up of what they have in mind for the prospect.

  • Assessment

Once the client commits to hiring the creative ad agency, they will begin assessing the client’s current position starting from their competition, market share, and recognition level for their target audience.

While some of this information can be found from the client’s websites and business plan, the agency will also need to hear the client’s expectations in order to determine the amount of deliverables, set the timelines and deadlines for the new campaigns.

  • Creative

After creating and researching the actual components of the ads, copywriters and graphic designers will receive specific instructions on how to produce the content.

But while copy writers and graphic designers are usually employed with the agency on a permanent basis, videographers, actors and others may be outsourced when needed especially if it’s for radio and TV commercials.

  • Rollout

After the creative ad agency arranges the ads space in the newspaper, radio, website, social media platforms. The campaign will rollout and use the content created by the creative department and schedule them adequately to avoid bombarding people in one type of media.

The creative ad agency may also suggest using other media platforms that can better help generate brand awareness by reaching the target market for different channels.

Types of Creative Ad Agency Defined

But if you have never worked with a creative ad agency before, you will be faced with a lot of different types. So you may want to narrow down the field and check which one you are actually in need of. Here are 7 different creative ad agency defined on their types.

  1. Full-Service Ad Agency

As its name implies, this agency offers a comprehensive range of service that applies both the traditional and digital marketing aspects of a business. They are made up of a team of experts are usually a one-stop shop of services for:

  • Ad Campaigns
  • Strategic Planning
  • TV Ads
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Creation
  • Web Development
  • Radio Commercials
  • SEO
  • Graphic Design
  • Lead Nurturing

This type of agency is appropriate if your business plans to run a comprehensive marketing campaign and deliver results through TV ads to social media campaigns.

  1. Traditional Ad Agency

This type of agency primarily works with traditional forms of media which are newspapers, tv commercials, radio and print. They are best suited for businesses who are trying to reach a local audience.

  1. Digital Ad Agency

A digital advertising agency specializes in implementing strategies held online. They have close similarities with traditional media but they focus on the digital roles of:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design and Development
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

If you want to reach a specific audience, digital marketing will enable you to target your target consumers appropriately. This type of agency is also best if you want your company to have an improved online presence that’ll help generate more leads through your website. 

  1. Social Media Ad Agency

If you are looking to accomplish a single goal perhaps to sell a particular product using the social media landscape. Then this type of agency is for you.

They will have a team of content creators and ad optimizers that’ll focus on improving your online traffic, lead generation and brand awareness for your company to generate more sales.

  1. Public Relations Ad Agency

PR agencies are often tapped to improve and manage the public image of the company and its employees. They are often used to get the company, the CEO and other important events featured in the news and related community.

Working with a PR agency is best if you are looking to improve your public awareness as they’ll help manage the public’s impression towards them.

  1. Creative Ad Agency

If you are looking to create new marketing collaterals, a creative ad agency is the one you are looking for. They focus on design and graphics of your brand and usually outsource the strategy and execution to their other marketing partners. They excel in logo design, print marketing, billboards and business cards which are used to create a cohesive look and feel of their brand.

  1. Media Buying Ad Agency

Media buying ad agencies are great for companies that are looking for a single use channel. These agencies have a creative in-house team and typically paired with a creative ad agency to identify time frames, recommended budgets and on establishing the market to reach the target audience. 

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